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Getting Started

Get Outdoors (GO) Franklin! is returning for a third year to encourage Franklin County children and families to read and be physically active during the summer months. This summer, WellSpan Health and Franklin County Libraries are excited to partner in encouraging you to GO and Dive Deep! Exploring the ocean is about making discoveries and searching for things that we see or find in the water. There is one world ocean, divided into five main areas, because oceans have no borders. Oceans are important to life on Earth, as they provide us with food, minerals, oils, and natural gas. By learning about the oceans, we can learn to take care of them and help curious kids find out more about ocean life. As you venture out this summer on the hikes, enjoy learning about the many wonders of the oceans.

This summer, GO Franklin! helps you explore the Oceans of Possibilities while you search for fifteen “anchors” — wooden marker posts with a unique etching attached — that are hidden in various local and state parks. Take this Wayfinder, along with the rubbing sheets you received at any Franklin County Library, and GO and Dive Deep!

When you find the anchor, you will see the unique etching, along with a 4-digit code. Make sure you remember this code (take a picture, write it down, etc.) and do not forget to enter it into the Beanstack app to earn credit for your hike. If you choose to do the rubbing on your rubbing sheet, please be sure to follow social distancing practices and sanitize your hands afterward. Rubbing sheets will not be collected, so they are yours to keep. But remember — to receive credit for your hikes, you must enter the codes online in the Beanstack app. See the Rewards and Prizes page on this website for details. Also, don’t forget to check out more pages on this website for additional information including recommended library books, Pearls of Wisdom, outdoor safety tips, and more.

In addition to “finding anchors” you can Dive Deep! by visiting any Franklin County Library, checking out and reading a few books about coral reefs, lighthouses, octopuses, penguins, sea turtles, and starfish. Reading this summer will improve your reading and learning abilities! Also, as you earn points toward the GO Franklin! prizes, visit Franklin County Libraries to get your Summer Splash materials and start earning points. Log your minutes and your GO Franklin! anchors in the Beanstack app to make them count and earn amazing prizes.

Make sure you read pages 20–23 in your Wayfinder for information on using the Beanstack app. You can also go to for more information.

Now Get Outdoors, have fun, and Dive Deep!


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GO Franklin! would like to thank the following municipalities and organizations for allowing
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anchor posts to be located at their respective sites:

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Natural Resources (DCNR)

Lastly, thanks for joining us for another summer of exploring parks and trails throughout Franklin County. We hope that you and your family found new locations to visit throughout the year and learned about different anchors. The world is a big place, so we encourage you to
Get Outdoors (GO) and Dive Deep!


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